Jacques Luauté


Jacques Luauté MD, PhD, is Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, head of a department of neuro-rehabilitation in the university hospital of Lyon (Hospices Civils de Lyon, université Lyon 1). Since last year, he is the director of a rehabilitation institute, component of the university of Lyon, dedicated to the university education of rehabilitation professions (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychomotricity, orthoptist, audioprostetist).

His research interest concerns the understanding of brain plasticity mechanisms involved in recovery after a brain damage and how this plasticity can be modulated by rehabilitation interventions or treatments. He is a member of the Neuroscience Research Center (IMPACT team), INSERM, U1028, CNRS, UMR5292.


MPR and connectomics

This presentation will address a major topic in neuro-rehabilitation: how therapeutic interventions and brain structural functionality may mutually enrich each other to build more plastic connectomic models able to explain why some patients are responders to specific interventions, whereas others are not, depending on the location of lesions in the brain.

Analysing previous research of my group and other teams under this angle, three “therapeutic brain models” are scrutinized here: prismatic adaptation in unilateral neglect, the paradoxical effect of zolpidem in patients with disorder of consciousness and constaint-induced therapy for upper-limb motor recovery after stroke.

These examples illustrate the complexity and the multifaceted phenomenon involved and the necessity of trans-disciplinary bridges. In fine, these models should favour more predictive and personalized therapeutic interventions to forester recovery of neurological impairments after brain damage and hopefully allow the emergence of more scientifically-based therapeutic treatments.