Tianzi Jiang


Tianzi Jiang, Professor and Director of the Brainnetome Center at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He obtained PhD degree at Zhejiang University and BSc degree at Lanzhou University. His research interests include neuroimaging, Brainnetome, imaging genetics, and their clinical applications in brain disorders. He is the author or co-author of over 300 reviewed journal papers, with a total citation of over 36000 from Google Scholar and H-index of 89. He was elected a member of the Academy of Europe, a fellow of IEEE, IAPR and AIMBE. He is the recipient of Hermann von Helmholtz Award, Turan Itil Career Contribution Award, Wu Wen-Jun AI Distinguishing Contribution Award, and Natural Science Award of China.


The Human Brainnetome Atlas and its Applications in Brain Diseases

The Human Brainnetome atlas has been constructed with brain connectivity profiles obtained using multimodal magnetic resonance imaging. It is in vivo, with fine-grained brain subregions, and with anatomical and functional connection profiles. In this lecture, we will summarize the advance of the human brainnetome atlas, its biological basis and practical applications in brain diseases. We first present the basic ideas of the human brainnetome atlas and the procedure to construct this atlas. Then some parcellation results of the human brain areas with different types of cytoarchitectures will be provided. After that, we will present the biological basis of the brainnetome atlas from aspects of genetics and relationships between structure and functions of the brain. Next, we will show how to use the human brainnetome atlas in practice to address issues in clinical researches. Finally, we will give a brief perspective on multiscale brainnetome atlas and the related neurotechniques.