Stein SILVA, MD, PhD is a physician scientist, Chairman of Intensive Care Medicine (University Teaching Hospital of Toulouse, France) and Senior Researcher of Neuroscience (ToNIC lab, INSERM 1214, Toulouse, France). He is currently leading a translational research group dedicated to the study of overt and covert residual cognitive abilities in acute and severe brain injured patients. Stein SILVA research projects seeks to develop and validate robust and explainable predictive models for coma patient’s neurological prognostication based on multimodal neuroimaging (hdEEG, functional and structural MRI, PET scan), innovative computer vision and cutting-edge new AI methods. He has been conducting unique research on this topic and has been PI of several national and international research projects. He is member of French nationwide and European Scientific Committees devoted to the study of coma. He is regularly invited as Visiting Professor to neurosciences research laboratories across Europe, US and South America. 


Structural, functional and molecular neuroimaging as an assessment tool for coma patients
Pr. Stein SILVA (MD, PhD) Medecine Intensive Réanimation / Intensive Care Medicine INSERM U1214 /ToNIC (Toulouse NeuroImaging Center) CHU Purpan / Purpan University Teaching Hospital 31059 Toulouse Cedex 3, FRANCE